1. Who is eligible to participate in the Capstone Rewards Program?

Librarians or teachers are eligible to earn and redeem points in the Capstone Rewards Program.  Points are assigned to the librarian’s or teacher’s account.  As the purpose of this program is to assist educators to make their budgeted dollars go further for their specific school, the program is limited to individuals, not departments or districts.

2. How are the points accrued?

You earn points for each Capstone title you purchase from any of our imprints. Each hardcover title is worth 75 points, each paperback title is worth 25 points, and with certain Capstone Digital products, members will earn points equivalent to 5% of the purchase price of the digital product. To earn points, you must include your Capstone Rewards member number on every purchase order you submit to Capstone.

3. How much is a point worth?

Each point is worth $.01 (USD) toward future Capstone books.

4. Do I have to buy books directly from Capstone in order to earn points?

No, you can earn points by purchasing Capstone titles from any source.

5. Are there other ways to earn points?

We will be providing Members the opportunity to earn points by completing surveys, providing feedback on Capstone titles and referring friends to the program.  Watch for special bonus opportunities to earn points.

6. Will there be special Bonus Points earning opportunities?

Yes, from time to time, Capstone will allow Members special opportunities to earn Bonus Points.  These include points for enrolling, completing surveys, and reviewing books.  In addition, there will be accelerator opportunities when Members purchase books, to receive Bonus Points for their order.

Most Bonus Point opportunities will require that a Member provide a special Promo Code in order to receive their points.  The Promo Code should be entered online when prompted, or given at the time of the order.

7. Do Capstone Rewards points expire? 

Capstone Rewards points will expire five (5) years from the date the points were accrued.

8. Is there a maximum number of points issued on any given order?

No there is no maximum number of points awarded.  Every book ordered qualifies for points at the standard award rate.

9. Are points transferable?

Capstone Rewards points are not transferrable to other Capstone Rewards Members’ accounts.

10. I'm getting transferred to a new school.  Can I take my points with me?

Yes, points are associated with your Member Number.  You can update your profile with your new school information. Your Member Number will remain the same.

11. Can two or more Capstone Rewards Membership accounts be combined?

No.  However, once an Award Certificate is made, a customer can give the Award Certificate to someone else.

12. Are Capstone products other than books eligible for points?

You can earn points on specific Capstone Digital products, including PebbleGo databases and Capstone Interactive Library books.

13. How do points get added to my account?

Points will be automatically posted to your account if:
- You included your member number AND:
    - Mailed, phoned or faxed your order directly to Capstone, OR
    - Ordered through a Capstone website.

If you purchased Capstone books from one of Capstone’s partner resellers, you will need to manually claim your points.  Simply visit capstonerewards.com, login, and select “Enter Points”.  Use your packing slip in verifying your order, and enter the amount of books for each imprint (either paperback or hardcover).  Include your packing slip number and the date of the order, and click “submit.”  In order for your points to be validated, you will need to fax your packing slip to Capstone at 888-262-0705.

14. Can I get points for purchases that I made before I enrolled?

No, you can only earn points for purchases after enrollment.

15. If I forgot to use my Capstone Rewards number with a direct order, can I call and have it added back in afterwards?

No problem, simply call the Customer Service hotline at 888-517-8976.  We will be happy to ensure your order is properly credited to your account.

16. How do I redeem my points?

When you are ready to redeem your points, simply visit CapstoneRewards.com and login.  When you are logged in, select “Redeem Points.”  Enter the amount of points you wish to redeem.  You may only redeem points in increments of 500 (500 points = $5.00 (USD) certificate).  You can redeem as many points as you have available to create an Award Certificate, as long as you have the points available.  Some points that you have earned may not have been validated yet, and you will not be able to create an Award Certificate with these points.

Once you enter the amount of points you wish to redeem, click “submit”.  An Award Certificate will be generated for you, and will also be emailed to the email address you provided in your Capstone Rewards Member account.

Attach the award certificate to your Capstone purchase order, and the amount of the certificate will be deducted from the purchase price. Only purchases made directly through Capstone are eligible for an Award Certificate redemption.

17. How much can I redeem at one time toward books on an order?

You can redeem points in 500-point increments ($5.00 USD certificate). You can redeem as many points as you wish on an order. Redeemed points may not be applied toward the purchase or renewal of Capstone Digital subscription products.

18. How do I use my award certificate?

Attach the award certificate to your Capstone purchase order, and the amount of the certificate will be deducted from the purchase price.  You can also enter the certificate number online when placing an online order directly through Capstone.  Only purchases made directly through Capstone are eligible for an Award Certificate to be used.

19. Can I use more than one Award Certificate per order?

Yes.  Provided you have the points available to you, multiple Award Certificates may be used on an order.

20. What happens if I lose my certificate?

Call the Customer Service center at 888-517-8976, and we will cancel that Award Certificate and restore the points so you can then replace your lost certificate.   

21. What happens if I order an Award Certificate but my email address was wrong?

You may print an Award Certificate directly from the web once it is created.  If you would rather print the Award Certificate from your email, and that certificate was sent to an incorrect email address, you may update your profile to the correct email address and re-submit your request for an Award Certificate.  Please contact Customer Service at 888-517-8976 to cancel the previous certificate.

22. What if I ordered an Award Certificate but never received it in my email?

It is possible that the email went into a SPAM folder.  Please check all of your email folders to locate the certificate.  If you still did not receive the certificate, please contact Customer Service at 888-517-8976 to cancel the previous certificate an order a new one.

23. What if I accidentally used the same Award Certificate twice?

An Award Certificate may be used only once.  If the same Award Certificate is submitted on separate orders, Customer Service will contact you to verify how you would like to proceed.

24. Can I apply my Award Certificate for Capstone products other than books?

In addition to books, you may redeem points toward Capstone Interactive Library eBooks. Points may not be applied toward the purchase or renewal of Capstone Digital subscription products.

25. What happens if I forget my PIN?

Simply call Customer Service and they can provide you access to your account and provide your PIN to you.  You may also retrieve your PIN using our Forgot PIN link.

26. What happens if I forget my Capstone Rewards Member number?

You can enter your email address and PIN online at capstonerewards.com and it will be emailed to you.  You can also call Customer Service and they can provide you access to your account and provide your PIN to you.

27. Will those who sign up get a Membership card?

No card is necessary.  You will be able to print out an “eCard” from your enrollment email to keep for your records

28. What kind of communications will I receive as a Capstone Rewards Member?

You will receive a welcome email, providing you with your Member Number and other relevant program information.  In addition, you will receive regularly scheduled e-communications containing your point balance and additional points opportunities.  You may unsubscribe at any time.

29. Does the redemption and the certificate number show in account history?

Yes, when the Member generates an Award Certificate, your certificate number will be displayed in your account history.  If you would like to use an Award Certificate with your order, simply attach the certificate to the order (or write the certificate number on the order prominently and legibly so a customer service agent can read it).  When the order is fulfilled, the Customer Service agent will validate the certificate and deplete the points from the Member’s account

30. Do Members get points for redemption items?

Yes, every Capstone title is eligible for points accrual, even if the titles were purchased using an Award Certificate.

31. Do Capstone Rewards Members always receive free shipping and processing?

Yes! Domestic orders will receive free shipping and processing. You must include your Capstone Rewards member number with your order. International orders are processed at the standard shipping rates.

32. Is there an annual fee, or any other cost to the Member associated with the Capstone Rewards Program?

No, enrolling and participating in the Capstone Rewards Program is free to all Members.

33. If I buy books from one Capstone imprint, can I redeem my points for another Capstone Imprint?

Absolutely!  Regardless of the imprints you purchase, all points are accrued in one Member Account.  When you generate a Capstone Rewards Award Certificate, that certificate is valid toward any Capstone book or set of books published or sold by these Capstone imprints: Capstone Press, Compass Point Books, Heinemann-Raintree, Heinemann-Raintree Classroom, Picture Window Books, or Stone Arch Books. Note: Award Certificates may not be applied toward the purchase or renewal of Capstone Digital subscription products.

34. Can I link my account on CapstonePub.com, HeinemannLibrary.com, or HeinemannClassroom.com to the Rewards site?

Yes. From the home pages, select My Account > Edit My Profile and enter your Capstone Rewards member number in the field.

35. If I already have an account on Capstonepress.com or other imprint sites, will I automatically have one on the Rewards site?

No, a Rewards account is not automatically added.  Creating a Capstone Rewards account is easy. Simply visit CapstoneRewards.com and click the ENROLL tab.

36. If the district sends in the purchase order and the books are sent to a separate location, how does Capstone know who to award points to?

Capstone will award points to the Member Number that is submitted on the order.



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